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Specializing in the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-homing of Companion Animals

Our House of Hope Rescue


Where "THE ANIMALS" Always Come First!


Our House of Hope Rescue is a 501[c]3 Illinois State Licensed Nonprofit Animal Welfare Organization that specializes in the medical, behavioral, and emotional rehabilitation of animals. 

 The lives of our animals are saved utilizing the love and support of our state licensed foster homes. We believe that in order to best provide for each animal and their needs, they should receive one-on-one attention and live in a family-based environment. Our top-notch foster homes provide behavioral reconditioning, basic obedience, socialization, and positive reassurances to meet the individual needs of each of our animals.

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Our Mission

The route to a forever home can be a long road. It is our mission to provide safe travel along this journey. We are joined in our efforts by our children who will ultimately become the pet owners of tomorrow.

Our organization will lead through example, community involvement and education. We provide our children and our rescues with respect, opportunity and all of the necessary tools for a successful journey. The animals that pass through our doors will find loving and forever homes. Likewise, it is our "HOPE" that one day our children will find a place in their heart to either volunteer, foster, or open their own door to provide rescues a chance at a new home and a new life.


Adoption Process


All of our animals are cared for in private foster homes licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, and they can be seen with a pre approved application and by appointment only. If you see an animal that you may be interested in, please contact us, and we will be happy to send you an application for pre adoptive approval. Once your application is returned to us and is approved, you will be contacted by either phone or email by one of our volunteers and a meeting will be scheduled to meet the animal for which you have applied.

Our House of Hope maintains the right to deny an adoption for any reason in an effort to best accommodate the individual needs of our animals. Meet and Greets and Home Visits may be required as multiple animals may be involved and may react differently to each other in one's own environment versus a neutral location. We ask for your patience during this process, as all of our animals have received unconditional care, and our main goal is to find them the best of forever homes based on their individual needs.

Adoption Fees


Our adoption fee of $350.00 includes all core vaccines, heartworm testing and preventatives, comprehensive blood panels, deworming, tick and flea prevention while in rescue, micro-chipping for identification purposes, as well as medical costs for spay or neutering. This organization has a 100% disclosure policy. All available medical records of each animal are provided for review to potential pre approved adopters prior to placement. Adopters also have direct and full access to our veterinarians to answer any animal specific questions and to our foster families for the daily routines of each animal.

Contact us in Libertyville, IL to request any additional information or to receive our application for 

pre adoptive approval.