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Animals Available for Adoption


Currently Available for Adoption

Ozzy is a approx. 13 year old, 7.3 lbs. Merle coated male Chihuahua mix. Ozzy is a happy- go- lucky, albeit shy kind of guy. He is quiet, and great in the car and on walks. He craves attention but, is often scared and doesnt know or shys away from receiving it  He does have a congenital "lazy eye" that causes him no issues and does not require any treatment or affect his vision in any way. Ozzy is a little on the shy side, but would be a fantastic addition to the right home. He would prefer to be the only dog or to be paired with another calmer dog.

"Ike and Izzy"

Currently Available for Adoption

*Bonded Senior Pair of Lhasa Apso Mixes.

Ike is the black and white male, and Izzy is the tan and white female.

This is an easy pair of dogs who just love hanging out together. Ike receives daily drops for his dry eyes. This is a chronic but manageable condition that will require ongoing care. His eyesight is impaired. Both Ike and Izzy do have heart murmurs. They are not symptomatic and require no medication for them at this time. Although these dogs are older, their health has been meticulously monitored throughout their stay here and they still have a lot of love to give!

*Notice: this is a bonded pair that we will NOT separate. Owner is in hospice and they have been together their entire lives.

This is non-negotiable.


Currently Available for Adoption


Senior 9lb 13 year old Pomeranian. So so so sweet. Max is looking for a sofa and a lap to lay on. He is honestly a dream of a dog. He isn't a fan of car rides ( gets anxious and pants) so travelling isn't really his thing although he does settle after a while. He runs, jumps, and loves to play, but like a lot of us, he is starting to have a little arthritis so he does take an anti-inflammatory 1x daily. Max is a fantastic all around canine companion.

Update: Max tore his ACL and unfortunately, he is not a good surgical candidate and is currently being treated with medication



Currently available for adoption

Retired Research Hero

"Smiley" is a 5-year-old to die for beagle. He gets along great with other dogs, everyone he meets and is super friendly and playful. He excels in the high jump and can clear a 3' gate when he wants to. With this being said, he will also gladly sit in your lap and cuddle. He is just a real good all around guy for any family


Currently Available for Adoption

Retired Research Hero

D.O.B. 5/16/16

Rex is a super playful guy that does like his toys. He is a very inquisitive and happy boy who loves to explore. Although he does love to play, he is also very snugly and will enjoy laying at your feet wherever you are in the house. 


Currently Available for Adoption

Retired Research Hero

Max is the sweetest little man around. He is super chill and easy to get along with. Matt is kind of a "go with the flow" kind of guy. He is a little cautious but does very well with patience and encouragement. Just a fantastic all around boy


Currently Available for Adoption

Retired Research Hero

An absolute dream with a coat as soft as her personality. She will play with calmer dogs and will gladly snuggle all day long. Freckle is a very low energy gal that is content in a calm and easy going environment. She would be the perfect girl for a newly retired couple or young senior.